3 Men in a Tub

Three Men in a Tub follows the story of three men who have been travelling together for a long time. Exiled from their countries due to war, drought or political turmoil. After over 300 years of travelling, all three characters – the butcher, the baker and a candlestick maker – have lost their trades as other rituals and habits have taken over their daily lives and their desire to find a home.


A processional and static street theatre spectacle built around a beautiful ‘homemade’ mobile vehicle that serves as a home for three tradesmen, Three Men in a Tub is physical theatre, sometimes comedic and sometimes tragic, incorporating sound and music.

Three Men in a Tub is both a sculptural installation (as viewed while still) and a series of narrative episodes (of varying lengths) that can be linked together by the audience and/or viewed in isolation.

Company Background

Three Men in a Tub is an ensemble of freelance artists who have created some of Australia’s most significant outdoor performance work including 5 Angry Men, Strange Fruit, Primary source, KneeHigh Puppeteers and worked across a range of state and independent companies including Anthill Theatre, Dance North, Chunky Move, The State Theatre of Porto (Portugal), No Strings Attached Theatre and Restless Dance Company.

The company have established international touring experience, having toured and worked across the world since the early 1990s.



ANSAN, Seoul, Korea


Composer/Sound Design
Production / Tour Manager
Costume Designer / Design Consultant
Set Designer / Builder
Set Builder
Sound Installation
Personal Props
Design Consultant
Loose Cannon Production
Sascha Budimiski
Paulo Castro, Stephen Noonan And Simon Woodward
Craig Clifford
Morag Cook
Jason Cross
Insite Arts (Jason Cross)
Tim Willet
Robert Forrest
Timothy Dodd
Emma Brockliss
Joey Ruigrok
Janine Peacock

Original concept by Stephen Noonan


Director – Jason Cross