Architects of Air


Since 1990 Architects of Air have exhibited in 25 countries on 5 continents. Luminaria are exhibited in a range of context: arts festival, theatre festival, science festival and often as exhibits in their own right.


“Suddenly the world outside seemed to be forgotten, we had all been transported into a whole other world of light.”

“One of the most remarkable experiences of my life. I was blissfully a child”

“…and then to tell people about it, it is just impossible to describe what you see. I was amazed by the colours.”


Founder, designer and artistic director Alan Parkinson first started experimenting with pneumatic sculptures in the 1980s and has since developed his own language of form in this plastic medium.

Alan Parkinson’s involvement with inflatable structures began on a Nottingham community project in 1981. He designed and built his first luminarium in 1985, with the aid of Probation Service offenders. In 1990 he created ‘Eggopolis’ which was the first of his luminaria to be shown outside Nottinghamshire.

In 1992 the community project closed down and Architects of Air was formed.

Alan Parkinson’s intention is to stimulate visitors to a sense of wonder to the beauty of light and colour, and create an environment where the visitors experience is influenced by their own relation to space.


Director – Lee Cumberlidge