Concrete Impermanence

CI is a dance work for four dancers and a series of objects. It explores the concept of a constant being un-expectantly and irreversibly changed. Natural disasters, particularly earthquakes as well as the personal effects of traumatic events and how this can change ones perception of reality provide a starting point from which the work is abstracted.


The work will be an abstract interpretation of a human experience so that that a formal minimalist structure is established between the objects and the dancers movement and then imbued with the human experience and emotion. Similarly I have drawn from imagery of the earthquake and the change they bring to the earth and urban environments. Connecting to the feeling that what was always seemingly stable and constant has now been drastically changed. The physicality of an earthquake says this in its aftermath, in the same way other life changing events, which might not alter our external appearance, can create dramatic change internally.

The dramatic arch of the work and part of the choreography will be shaped by and derived from the dancers moving objects of various sizes, some which are free standing and can be easily moved and others that are far larger than the dancers, which will be maneuvered in part by the design. So far we have envisioned one large object to sit as the back wall of the theatre and to slowly crumble over the course of the work, with other possibilities that the dancers then detach sections of the crumbled structure to relocate and use in a different way, so that the objects gradually take on a “force” or aspect greater than the body!


Creative Producer/ Dramaturge
Assistant Director
Sound Designer
Alison Currie
Jason Cross
Carlie Angel
Morag Cook
Alisdair Macindoe
Jessie Oshodi and Lewis Rankin additional dancers TBC


Director – Jason Cross