‘My name is Theodore… at least that is what I believe. The truth is, I quite simply do not know who I am.’

Who is Theodore? How does he know Rose and Rosemary Kennedy? And who is Walter? A neuroscientist, mathematician and polymath who might just help us answer the most important question we all face… Who am I?
From the creators of the award winning Harry Harlow Project and developed with the assistance of the Florey Institute of Neuroscience comes a show at a new nexus point between contemporary theatre, neuroscience, and philosophy.

A profound personal journey to the frontier of 21st century enquiry; the brain and the nature of consciousness.


FUGUE explores the mechanisms of the mind through the story of a unique man, Theodore. He is experiencing what neuroscientists call a ‘fugue state’. He, quite simply, does not know who he is. Theodore’s situation offers a unique insight into human beings’ most profound question: who am I?

The world of the play is Theodore’s brain, and here he meets the characters that populate his consciousness, including members of the Kennedy family, and a famous physician. They help him construct the puzzle of his identity. The audience is immersed in the mind of our protagonist. However, the experience is not of passive observation. The audience is brought to reflect on the workings of their own minds, and how they actively construct meaning and narrative both in their own lives and as ‘spectators’ of the work.

Saunders’ previous work THE HARRY HARLOW PROJECT also explored new theatrical form through arts-science partnerships. Fugue goes deeper. On a meta-level, just as Theodore and the audience grapple with the notion of meaning, the team is exploring different ways to deliver story and make meaning in contemporary theatre. FUGUE will use projection technology, script, science, performance and sound to mimic the process of human consciousness, or as close as contemporary theory allows us..


Director – Lee Cumberlidge