Fun Run

When the Greek messenger Pheidippides ran to Athens to announce the Persian’s defeat in the battle of Marathon, he ran 42.2 kilometres without stopping, burst into the Athenian assembly, delivered his news and died on the spot. FUN RUN is his story…



Darwin Festival


Next Wave Festival (Melbourne)


FUN RUN is a site specific event that combines sport, biological science, video, art, live performance, community group engagement and physical risk to create a public durational spectacle of around 5 hours. FUN RUN attracts a truly diverse audience who can experience the performance for five minutes or five hours, culminating in a massive and spectacular celebration of community, endurance, glamour and heroism.


“… as the sun set and the runner entered the final leg of the race, the atmosphere was electric among onlookers still none the wiser as to why they were even there. A gold medal affair.” John Bailey, The Age

“Aviator sunglasses and nipple pasties aren’t normal pieces of marathon running equipment but this performance succeeded in amalgamating durational performance practices of the 1970’s (while injecting them with humour), subversive gender antics, a critique of celebrity culture … and an examination (or was it pure celebration) of public spectacle (some 7000 people are estimated to have seen the CBD performance, the vast majority of whom would presumably not have known of the event beforehand).” Dylan Rainforth, Artlink Magazine Australia


For more information on FUN RUN and Tristan Meecham, contact All The Queen’s Men.