Pin Drop

Part documentary, part urban thriller, Pin Drop is an award-winning, audio-sensory work exploring the phenomenon of fear in our daily lives. Drawing on a range of interviews with people from six to 92 years of age, this grippingly intimate work is told through live and pre-recorded voices. Household objects crackle into the imagination as stories both unnerving and strangely familiar unfold – conjured into life by Tamara Saulwick’s riveting solo performance and Peter Knight’s visceral score.



Tramway (Scotland)


Salamanca Arts Centre (Hobart)
Performance Space (Sydney)
The Tanks (Cairns)


Malthouse Theatre (Melbourne)


Arts House (Melbourne)


Pin Drop is an audio-sensory theatre work that tells its stories through 12 voices; one live, 11 pre-recorded. Through the use of real-time audio processing, composer Peter Knight, incorporates live sound and voice, so that the pre-recorded and the live are interwoven and interactive. Household objects crackle and slice their way into the imagination as stories both unnerving and strangely familiar unfold. The collaborative team, also including Michelle Heaven (movement) and Ben Cobham (design), have developed a work that combines text, sound, movement and design in equal measure to astonishing effect.

Created and performed by Tamara Saulwick, Pin Drop investigates our collective responses to real or perceived threats, the tension arising from potential threats and the way these threats play on the mind and in the body. The threat posed by the unknown other: the stranger breathing down the phone, the thump on the roof in the night, the danger lurking in the unlit street.

Tapping into primal urges and subconscious anxieties, this immersive experience fixes itself in the memory in a way theatre can rarely accomplish. Household objects are transformed – a kitchen knife or a pair of scissors left lying on a table abruptly takes on an aura of potential violence. Every sound becomes the menacing thud of a footfall behind you. The most familiar of spaces become strange again, as the tension of what could be out there stretches every moment, and the mind thinks only of the shortest route to a window or the safest place to hide…


“Sometimes, but only very occasionally, theatre-makers redefine what’s possible.” – Stage Whispers

“It’s remarkable theatre, executed with an exact brilliance that makes its sensual vividness all the more powerful. This is not to be missed.” – Alison Croggon, Theatre Notes

“One of the most extraordinarily involving and rewarding theatrical experiences. Unforgettable. Go.’ – Geoffrey Williams, Stage Whispers

‘Pin Drop makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and might leave you scared of the dark.” – Aussie Theatre


2010 Nominations
Green Room Award for 'Outstanding Production' - Hybrid Theatre
Green Room Award for 'Sound Design and Composition', 'Mise-en-scene' and 'Production Design'.


Created and Performed by
Composer & Sound Designer
Set & Lighting Designers
Costume Designer
Technical Director
Technical Operator
Tamara Saulwick
Peter Knight
Michelle Heaven
bluebottle - Ben Cobham & Frog Peck
Harriet Oxley
Frog Peck
Luke Smiles


Executive Producer – Freya Waterson