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The Country

In search of a simpler life, a Doctor and his wife move to the country. One night he comes home with an unconscious woman in his arms. He claims to have found her collapsed on a rural roadside. The three characters play out a game of secrets and lies, and what was an escape to the country becomes an implosion of the heart, heightened and echoed by the intense expanse and silence of the Countryside. ‘The Country’ is a beautiful cryptic thriller by Martin Crimp, one of the world’s greatest contemporary dramatists.


“Ultimately it’s hard to fault this damn-near flawless production. Beautifully written, boldly directed, superbly staged and performed, it’s everything you want from theatre. Whatever you do, don’t miss your chance to see it.” Alison Flett, InDaily

“In Stone/Castro’s captivating production, director Paulo Castro deftly has revealed the emotional pain and betrayal that is present, but only indirectly acknowledged, in Crimp’s coolly astringent mystery-thriller.” Murray Bramwell, The Australian


Written by
Set Design
Lighting Design
Music by
Martin Crimp
Paulo Castro
Jo Stone, Nathan O'Keefe, Natalia Sledz
David Lampard
Daniel Barber
Michael Vo
Fourteen Nights at Sea/Johann Johannson
Jason Cross, Insite Arts


Producer – Jason Cross